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Automatic Saw

Fully Automatic Carbide &
Ceramic Cut-off Machine

Clean and accurate cuts with no chips or ragged ends. Just lay the rods on the rod table and program the diameter, overall length and feed rate. The machine will do the rest.

Combine this totally automatic cut-off machine with our chamfering, coning, and/or plunging machines, or our semi-automatic cut-off machines to create a work cell to suit your requirements.

New Features of the TA 500-691A

  • Faster Computer

  • More Powerful Table Drive

  • Completely Enclosed & Sealed Screw Drive on Rod Axis Motor on Rod Axis

  • Menu Driven Set-up with Operator Interface

  • Accepts 2 length parameters per bar
    Example: Cutting 3 pieces@2" long and the rest@3" long


Maximum Rod Diameter 1" 25.4 mm
Minimum Rod Diameter 3/32" 2.4 mm
Maximum Rod Length 14" 356 mm
Minimum Rod Cut Length 1/4" 6 mm
Wheel Diameter 7" or 8" 178 mm or 203 mm
Wheel Width 0.035" / 0.045" 0.89 mm / 1.14 mm
Wheel Bore 1-1/4" 32 mm

Machine Specifications

Required Floor Space

53" W x 32' 'L
x 54" H

135 cm x 81 cm x 137 cm
Weight Approximately 1200 lbs.
Electrical Requirements 220/440 VAC 3-Phase 60 Cycle
Required Air Supply 50 to 60 lbs. PSI
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